Sanjay Das


The artist works with photographing, documenting and archiving ancient heritage sites of India especially, West Bengal where he hails from. Sanjay completed his BFA applied art from College of Art, New Delhi. He has been creating works of art in photography for over two decades. An avid traveller, he has been documenting the culture of West Bengal in terms of ancient sites, art forms that are getting lost in history, while working continuously along the areas lying on coast of Bay of Bengal. India’s rich cultural diversity and its many unique customs and traditions have been a major source of inspiration for the photographer. It has always been his endeavor to bring forth the untold stories that this country has to offer and showcasing them to the world at large. The objective isto create imagery that tells a story – in color, in texture, in light and in shadow and form a unique blend, which is spiritually as well as mentally rewarding.Sanjay’s works are a merger of theoretical and conceptual assertions with experiences, interests or fascination which finally forms the image and its meaning. Sanjay have been a part of many national and international shows.

His solo show at Art Centrix Space is slated to open in September 2018. In 2017, his works were showcased at the show titled, Once Upon A Time in Black and White curated by Monica Jain at Art Centrix Space. This year his works were part of a group show with Gallery Ragini at the India Art Fair, Edition 2018.

This year his works were exhibited at the show titled "Those Days - An Exhibition of Indian Vintage Photography" at Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2018 and "Women of Yesterday, Today and Tommorow" at Art Konsult, New Delhi, 2018, "One Soul Many Lives" at Bikaner House, New Delhi, 2018. "Looking Beyond"  at Artpilgrim Live, Gurugram, 2018. "India Art Fair" New Delhi, 2018." His works were part of various groups shows in the capital and other major cities in India. . Earlier he exhibited with gallery Wonderwall.His solo shows have been titled “Rediscover Bengal” at India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2014 and "Beautiful Bengal" (Solo Show) at Muktadhara Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2013. "Faith" (Solo Show) at Muktadhara Art Gallery, New Delhi in 2013." Closeup India" (Solo Show) at Open Palm Court, India Habitat Center, New Delhi, 2009. "Closeup India" (Solo Show) at Shridharni Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, 2009. "Breathing Space" (Solo Show) New Delhi, 2007. The artist currently lives and works in Delhi.