Nature is the ever changing, observable physical world. Yet, as the philosopher Immanuel Kant says, we know nothing certain about it except that it exists. Our detailed knowledge about its appearance and phenomena is based on the sensations we have of it. As we perceive it with our senses, what we make of it is altered by this very act of seeing. The artistic intention to create art even in the likeness of the external world is thus, a process of deliberation. Whatever the object is or was, we do not know, as this very act has transformed it into an idea. So, what we really have is an idea of what it could be.

Nature | Deliberated is a culmination of this process of ideation, a distilling if you will, of this rumination on the observed world. It is as much a plethora of ideas through a large collection of works as it is show of the abundance of nature. Exhibited here are the works of Indian artists based within the country or abroad and of a few foreign artists settled in India.

Chhering Negi | Dheeraj Yadav | Divya Pandey | Durga Prasad Bandi | Guadalupe Romero Silva | Haraprasad Tripathy | Kundan Mondal | Manisha Agrawal | Manisha Chandel | Mithun Das | Pappu Bardhan | Pradeep Kumar KP | Pradeep Vadher | Priyanka Aeley | Raju Baraiya | Santanu Dey | Saurabh Singh | Somu Desai | Valentina Churilova