About Art Centrix

Art Centrix Space is a unique 3500 sq ft. space in a stunningly landscaped 2 acres environment in the heart of South Delhi’s, Vasant Kunj. It’s a place to enjoy and appreciate art in a relaxed environment and to view art in relation to space – it has an indoor environment with a formal gallery to exhibit art and a modern Art Lounge 360, complete with furniture and well-designed walls etc. to view art, as it would look in your own space. The outdoor sculpture garden is a natural setting for installations and sculptural works where art can be viewed again as it would appear in your own, designed space.
It is a place for experiencing art as a lifestyle. The idea behind this unusual art space is to bring about a sea change in the way people view art: from being intimidating and incomprehensible to being accessible & affordable. We believe art needs a context and a presence within our lives and therefore that is how it must be viewed and appreciated.
It has been set up to bring freshness and vitality to art by experimentation &by exploring and assimilating new mediums, new talents and new creative synergies in the fields of fine art, functional art and design by breaking barriers that separate them.
This unique space has been conceived by Monica Jain, who is a BFA from College of Art and an MA in Art History from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi.
We work extensively with new, emerging, talented artists, which is why the collection is young, contemporary, eclectic and vibrant. From trio graphs, to digital works, oil paintings on canvas transformed into installations with beautifully handmade iron jalis, LED art installations, works in wood, steel, marble and glass from within a database of over 200 artists,there is a vast range of exceptionally beautiful and unusual art to choose from.