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    Nature is the ever changing, observable physical world. Yet, as the philosopher Immanuel Kant says, we know nothing certain about it except that it exists. Our detailed knowledge about its appearance and phenomena is based on the sensations we have of it. As we perc

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  • India Art Fair

    Showcasing the works of 


    India Art Fair


  • SUBSTRATA | Layers of the Past

    Exploring abstraction through layers of the past, this show draws an analogy between the layers of paint on a canvas with the sediments of time that makes up our earth. The final surface built up over time is what we see, whether its the surface of the canvas or the surface on which we walk o

    SUBSTRATA | Layers of the Past

    Time is a memory ...of fleeting moments and experiences that live on through personal stories and heirlooms.
    As custodians of time we bring to you, Tehkhana; where we capture those moments & memories through visua

  • Once Upon A Time in BLACK & WHITE

    Once upon a time the world was all colour. From the intense blues, reds and deep tones of old South Indian temples and numerous ancient historic monuments across the world, we moved to an era of black and white- an era of early television, photogra

    Once Upon A Time in BLACK & WHITE

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Outdoor space and sculpture garden

Art for gifting

  • Art Lounge

    The Art lounge is where you can enjoy art over coffee & cake.
    It is where art & installations are displayed within a real rather than a virtual environment.

    Art Lounge
  • Commissioned Art for Living Spaces

    Every space, whether indoor or outdoor is unique. We specialise in creating artful homes in sync with lifestyles and commercial spaces on turnkey basis keeping budgets and performances in mind.

    Commissioned Art for Living Spaces
  • Ekta Singha

    Ekta Singha


    Ekta Singha creates a world of emotions and nostalgia with a particular sensitivity through images from daily life. Having never visited her native place, she has conjured up an image of that world through stories she has only heard from her grandpa

    Ekta Singha
  • Aditi Aggarwal

    Aditi’s research based works are visual journeys through known and unknown time zones. She creates an abstract narration through repetitive act of drawing the same line and pattern exploring the concept of negative and positive space through black and white patterns. The opposite side of th

    Aditi Aggarwal