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    Layers of the Past
    Upcoming show
  • Ekta Singha

    Ekta Singha


    Ekta Singha creates a world of emotions and nostalgia with a particular sensitivity through images from daily life. Having never visited her native place, she has conjured up an image of that world through stories she has only heard from her grandparent

    Ekta Singha
  • Megha Joshi

    Works in the qausi-ritual and samskara series are all made with popular ritual materials of the majority religion in India (Hinduism)- such as the sacred thread – ‘mauli’ tied on the wrist, ‘Janeyu’ used in ‘brahminization’ ceremonies, the red vermilion &

    Megha Joshi
  • Shruti Gupta Chandra

    Devotional & celebratory, Shruti’s works exhibited in this show depict a popular, well-traversed path to the seeker of divine inspiration. Its portrayal however, is unconventional - the seeker himself is barely indicated (in a frame through merely a gesture of the hands) all other e

    Shruti Gupta Chandra
  • Art Lounge

    The Art lounge is where you can enjoy art over coffee & cake.
    It is where art & installations are displayed within a real rather than a virtual environment.

    Art Lounge
  • Styling spaces with Art

    Every space, whether indoor or outdoor is unique. We specialise in creating artful homes in synch with lifestyles and commercial spaces on on turnkey basis keeping budgets and performances in mind.

    Styling spaces with Art

Flash back of previous shows

Outdoor space and sculpture garden

Art for gifting

Shampa Sircar Das

  • Once Upon A Time in BLACK & WHITE

    Once upon a time the world was all colour. From the intense blues, reds and deep tones of old South Indian temples and numerous ancient historic monuments across the world, we moved to an era of black and white- an era of early television, photogra

    Once Upon A Time in BLACK & WHITE

    Time is a memory ...of fleeting moments and experiences that live on through personal stories and heirlooms.
    As custodians of time we bring to you, Tehkhana; where we capture those moments & memories through visua

  • Bhola Kumar

    Bhola Kumar’s sculptures deal with the fluctuations and changes that take place when time and space come together effecting human life in its wake; how we deal with these ups and downs and still continue our journey to complete the cycle of life. The concept of the Kalachakra or the wheel o

    Bhola Kumar
  • And Then There IS Light

    Witness the interactions of light with space. 
    At our latest show exploring materiality and intangibles

    And Then There IS Light